Tuesday, 11 August 2009

al-Zalzalah, Al Bayyinah, Al Qadr

Surah Al Qadr (97th Surah)

The subject matter is the mystic Night of Power (or Honor), in which Revelation comes down to a benighted world--it may be to the wonderful Cosmos of an individual--and transforms the conflict of wrongdoing into Peace and Harmony--through the agency of the angelic host, representing the spiritual powers of the Mercy of God.

By God's Command [97:1-5] Blessed indeed is the Night of Power!--when the Mercy of God's Revelation breaks through the darkness of the human soul! All the Powers, of the world divine, speed on their mystic Message of Mercy, by God's command, and bless every nook and corner of the heart! All jars are stilled in the reign supreme of Peace, until this mortal night gives place to the glorious day of an immortal world!


098 Surah Al Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)



Surah al-Zalzalah (99) - (The Earthquake)



few reciters

Sheikh Adil Hameed As-Sabri (S-099-102))

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