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Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Efasy, Doa Qunut

He is crying when they are laughing…

People who have memorised the Qur’aan should be known by the night when people are sleeping and he is awake, and by the morning when people are not fasting but he is, by his sadness when they are happy, by his crying when they are laughing, by his silence when they are slandering, and by his piety and humility when they are arrogant. He who has memorised the Qur’aan should be tearful, sad, wise, patient and calm. He should not be rude, inattentive, loud or cruel. - Ibn al-Qayyim
Islam, the way of life
Say: “Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are [all] for Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds.” (Al-An`m 6:162)


“It is reported from Hadrat Ibn Abbas(may Allah be pleased with him) that ‘When we were with Rasulullah (peace be upon him), Hazrat Ali(may Allah be pleased with him) came there and said: ‘May my parents be sacrificed over you! This Quran has escaped my heart. I do not find power in myself for the Quran’. So Rasulullah(peace be upon him) said to him: ‘O Abul Hasan! May I not show you such words as Allah may benefit you through them and benefit those also whom you teach these words and whatever you may learn may stick to your heart.‘ Hazrat Ali(may Allah be pleased with him) said: ‘Yes, O Rasulullah! r Please teach me.’ He(peace be upon him) said:
“When it is Friday night, if you can get up during the last one-third part of the night, for at that time angels are present and invocations are accepted, and my brother Prophet Yaqoob u had told his sons ‘I shall ask forgiveness for you from My Lord’, that is, he said that he would ask forgiveness for them when the night of Friday would come.’ And if you can’t, get up in the middle of the night and if this too is not possible, then get up in the first part of the night and say four rakahs of prayer: In the first rakah Surah Fatiha and Surah Yaseen, in the second rakah Surah Faitha and Surah Ha-Mim Ad-Dukhan, in the third rakah Surah Fatiha and Alif Lam Mim Tanzil as-Sajdah and in the fourth rakah Surah Fatiha and Tabarakallazhi fully. When you have completed the tashhahud, praise and laud Allah and send darud to me and send it well and send darud to all the Prophets; seek pardon for all the male and female believers and also for those brethren of yours who surpassed you in embracing the faith. Then at the end say:
اللّهم ارحمنى بترك المعاصى ابدا ما ابقيتنى وارحمنى
ان اتكلف ما لا يعنينى وارزقنى حسن النظر فيما يرضيك عنى
اللّهم بديع السموت والارض ذالجلال والاكرام والعزة التى لا ترام
اسئلك يا اللّه يا رحمن بجلالك ونور وجهك ان تلزم قلبى حفظ كتابك
كما علمتنى وارزقنى ان اتلوه على النحو الذى يرضيك عنى
اللّهم بديع السموت والارض ذالجلال والاكرام والعزة التى لا ترام
اسئلك يا اللّه يا رحمن بجلالك ونور وجهك ان تنور بكتابك بصرى
وان تطلق به لسانى وان تفرج به عن قلبى وان تشرح به صدرى
وان تغسل به بدنى فانه لا يعيننى على الحق عنيرك ولايؤتيه
الا انت ولا حول ولا قوة الا باللّه العلى العظيم
“Allahumar hamnee bitarkil ma’aasee abadammaa abqaytanee warahmnee an atakalafa maalaa ya’neenee warzuknee husnan nadharifee maa urdeeka ‘annee. Allahuma badeeus samaawaati wal ardi zal jalali wal ikraami wal ‘izatil latee laa turaamuasaluka yaa Allahu yaa Rahmaanu bi jalalika wa noori wajahika an tulzima qalbee hifza kitaabika kamaa ‘alamtanee warzukneean aqrahu alan nahwil lazee urdeeka ‘annee. Allahuma badeeus samaawati wal ardi zal jalali wal ikraami wal ‘izatil latee laa turaamu asaluka yaa Allahu yaa Rahmaanu bi jalalika wa noori wajhika an tunaw wira bikitabika basaree waan tutliq bihi lisanee wa an tufarrij bihi ’an qalbee wa an tashraha bihi sadree wa an tugsil bihi badaneefa innahu laa yu’enunee ‘alal aqua ghayruka wa laa yu’tihi illaaanta wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billahil ‘aliyil ‘azeem.
“O my Allah U! Show mercy unto me so that as long as You keep my alive I may give up sins and show mercy unto me so that I may not involve myself in works which may be of no use to me and bestow upon me the care of those things that may please You with me! O my Allah U, the Fashioner of the heavens and the earth. O Owner of Glory and Might and of Honor which nobody can even guess and imagine to acquire. I beg of You, O Allah U, O Beneficient One! In the name of Your glory and the light of Your countenance that even as you have given me the knowledge of Your sacred book, let it be the lot of my heart too to memorize it, and make its reading practicable for me that You may be pleased with me.
O Allah U! The Fashioner of the heavens and the earth, the Owner of Might and Glory and of Honor which one can’t even imagine! I beg of You, O Allah U the Beneficient One, in the name of Your greatness and Your lustrous countenance that You illumine my eyes with Your book and fissue it on my tongue and remove sorrow from my heart by its blessing and open my chest (for relief from anxiety) and wash all my body with it; because in a right thing none save You will help me nor will give it to me save You. Neither is there any power in me to do good nor the strength to save myself from evil except with the grace from Allah U, the Sublime, the Tremendous.”
“O Abul Hasan! Do like this on three Friday nights or five Friday nights or seven Friday nights. By Allah’s U order your invocations will be accepted. And by that Being Who has sent me with the truth! This invocation has never left any believer disappointed!”
“Hadrat Ibn Abbas(may Allah be pleased with him) says: ‘Then by Allah U only five or seven Fridays I passed when Hadrat Ali(may Allah be pleased with him) came to Rasulullah(peace be upon him) in a similar majlis and said: ‘O Rasulullah r formerly during the days that have passed I could commit to memory four or similar number of verses and even when I recited them I used to falter, while now I memorize forty or as many verses and feel as if Allah U has inscribed them before my eyes. And I used to hear hadith but when I repeated them a large portion was left out, and I hear the hadiths today and when you relate them I don’t miss a single word.’ To him Rasulullah(peace be upon him) said ‘O Abul Hasan! By the Lord of the Kabah! You’re a believer.” (Hayat-us-Sahabah, Volume III)
This dua is beneficial for adults who wish to memorize the Quran; with children there general disposition towards the Quran makes it easy for them.


Maintaining Hifzul Quran

the middle road

And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way (al-Baqarah: 143)

from http://tmr123.wordpress.com/2008/07/01/maintaining-hifzul-quran/

Alhamdulillahi rabbil aalameen. Was salaatu was salaamu ala ashraful mursaleen sayyidina Muhammadi wa ala aali sayyidina Muhammadi wa ashaabihi ajma’een.

I’ve seen a lot of articles on the net about tips on how to become a Hafiz. But I’ve yet to come across any which deals with what to do after one has attained that - how does one thereafter adequately maintain one’s Hifz? Because that is really the hard part. Becoming a Hafiz is challenging enough, but the prospect of retaining the Quran in ones heart for the rest of ones life – that is the real difficulty. So insha Allah, this will be of some help in that regard.

Adopting the Correct Attitude

Becoming a Hafiz is unlike attaining any other degree or diploma. In high school or university, it’s all about passing the exams. Then once that is done and graduation is complete one can relax and forget about all the things learnt before. You’ve got the degree so what do you have to worry about now? No one really cares if you actually remember anything of what you’ve learnt. The piece of paper which says that you’ve learnt it is all that people care about. Unfortunately, it seems that some people have taken this same attitude with regards to Hifz. A lot of emphasis is placed on completing the Hifz and not enough attention is placed on what happens after that. And this is a disastrous step to take because in Hifz there is no let up. There is no relaxation. One has to constantly be revising. If you think that after you complete your Hifz, that you can take it easy and relax a bit, then you would be surprised at how easy everything you’ve memorised can be forgotten. The years and years spent in memorising can all be undone in a matter of months, if not weeks. The Prophet (saw) is reported to have said: “Make a habit of reciting the Qur’an. By the One who has my soul in His hand, it slips away free quicker than a camel gets loose from its hobble” (Sahih Bukhari). So this is the attitude one needs to have: if a camel is let loose you would constantly need to keep a watchful eye on it to see that it does not run away. In the same way, you should always be fearful that the Quran could escape from your heart if you do not constantly pay attention to it.

Love for the Quran

You should allow the love for the Quran to enter and settle in your heart. This is done by listening attentively to it and pondering and reflecting deeply on its meanings. Both of these actions are commanded in the Quran itself (7: 204 & 47: 24). You should also reflect upon the beauty of the Quran. Merely claiming to love the Quran does not make it true. Every Muslim would say that he loves the Quran but this claim would only be true if the evidence for it is to be found. One of these signs is that one loves to listen to the recital of the Holy Quran. Its recitation should bring joy and tranquility to your heart. Reciting the Quran should also have the same effect. Your heart should be restless and uneasy should a day go by without having recited at least a little bit of the Quran. But merely listening and reciting the Quran is not enough. One should also ponder over its meanings. How can one say that he loves the Quran whilst he remains ignorant of what it contains? This is like one who claims to love a woman but he does not know anything of her personality, her likes and dislikes, and so forth. This then is mere superficiality. So it becomes necessary to also acquire a desire to learn the Arabic language. This is the language of the Quran and is the key to understanding it. There are translations available but these cannot act as a substitute for the original. They may and should be used by those who don’t know any Arabic, but this should not cause one to feel that there is no need to learn Arabic. Without Arabic one cannot truly appreciate the beauty of the language, style and rhetoric of the Holy Quran. One also will not be able to fully grasp the meanings it conveys.

Abstaining from Sin

Knowledge, especially of the Quran, is a light which Allah (swt) places in the heart of those whom He chooses. And this light may be dimmed by the perpetration of sins. Sinfulness is a cause of forgetfulness. There is a famous verse of poetry from Imam al-Shafi’i which reads:

شكوت الى وكيع سوء حفظى . فأرشدنى الى ترك المعاصى

وأخبرنى بـأن العلـم نــور . ونور الله لا يهدى لعاصى

I complained to Wakee’ about my poor memory

So he advised me to leave off sinning

And informed me that knowledge is a light

And that the light of Allah is not bestowed upon a sinner

It is said that the cause for Imam al-Shafi’is forgetfulness was that he happened to see the ankles of some strange woman. Subhanallah. How much worse things don’t we see on a daily basis? So it may be derived from this that it is especially important to guard the gaze from looking at evil things. The knowledge of the Quran is a great bounty from Allah (swt). It is a Light, a Guide and a Mercy. Don’t you then see that it is unworthy of being preserved in the heart of one who is a sinner? So you should always be seeking forgiveness for your sins, lest the knowledge of Quran be taken away from you.

Allah! Don’t cause us to lose the Quran on account of our sins.

Getting Into a Routine

It is necessary to get into a routine of daily recitation of the Holy Quran. Without this, there can be no hope of maintaining the Hifz of the Quran. This is the most obvious thing but it is also one of the hardest. Whilst one is busy learning Hifz there are other people - ones teachers or ones parents - who will see to it that you learn your work. There are people checking up on you, standing behind you and encouraging you. Your day would revolve around the Quran. But after you complete your Hifz you won’t have all of that anymore. There won’t be anyone who will ensure that you keep on revising – it will now be up to you. There will also be many more distractions facing you, such as school or work. And that is what makes it so difficult. It requires self-discipline. So it is essential that you get into a routine and stick to it. You should have a target, a set amount of days, for which it will take you to complete a recital of the entire Quran. If it so happens that you fall short on one particular day then you have to make up the shortfall during the rest of the days. But you should always see to it that you complete the whole khatm in the time that you have allocated for it. It is no use in mentioning any particular numbers here for how long this should take you. This is up to you to decide but obviously, the more you recite per day the better.

Make Use of Spare Time / Listening to Quran Recitation

How much time of one’s day is not wasted in commuting? In traveling to and from work? Instead of being idle during this time, one could use it to listen to recitations of the Quran. Nowadays everyone has a cellphone and they always keep it by their side. So put the Quran on your phone and whenever you have a spare moment then listen to its recitation. This is also a great way of strengthening ones revision. Just by listening to the Quran it becomes so much more firmly entrenched in ones memory. It is important to choose a reciter who has good tajweed. But more important than that is to choose someone who you like listening to, so that you would look forward to being able to listen to his recitation.

Reciting Quran in Salah

Reciting Quran is itself a great act of ibadah. So too is performing Salah. So how much better then to combine these two deeds? And there is no better time or situation in which to recite Quran than whilst engaged in making Salah. If you recite only a half a page to a page during each raka’ah of Salah, then you could easily complete an entire Juz during the course of the day.

Ramadan / Taraweeh

Ramadan is the month of the Quran so you should use it to greatly increase your recitation of the Quran and to improve your Hifz. It is said that Imam al-Shafi’i used to complete two recitations of the entire Quran every day during this month – one during the day and one during the night. This just goes to show how much attachment our pious predecessors had towards the Quran and we should strive to emulate them by also increasing how much of the Quran we recite in this month. You should also see to it that you lead the Taraweeh Salah during this month. No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it. Having to recite in front of a congregation of people will force you to make sure that you know your Hifz well, since no one would like to be embarrassed by making constant mistakes during the Salah. It is a good indication for you how well you know your Hifz and also the reward for it with Allah (swt) is very great.

Allahmma nawwir quloobanaa bil Quran, wa zayyin akhlaaqanaa bil Quran, wa najjinaa min al-naari bil Quran, wa adkhilnaa fil jannati bil Quran

Allah! Fill our hearts with light through the Quran, beautify our character through the Quran, save us from the Fire through the Quran and enter us into Jannah through the Quran.


memorize quran

Memorize is easy but to detain it in my hard disk is difficult but one cannot say the word difficult, must always say "EASY" insya-Allah it will be easy...

Yeah just another tip, read ayat Al-Baqarah 164 as a doa before starting to memorize and also there is a solat sunnat "taqwiyatul Hifz" whereby it is done every friday night preferably (after sleeping, in the wee hours of dawn e.g 3am) 2 rakaat X 2(total=4) whereby the surah to read are Yasin,Ad-dukhan, As-Sajdah, Al-Mulk.It's best done for 3 , 5 or 7 fridays. At the end of it, there is a doa, to get the doa, click here.. All these are steps to enhance ur memory in memorizing the Holy Quran. May God help us all...


.....some tips..
1) wake up before Subuh
2)Wudhu and solat any sunat prayers
3)Istighfar 3X "AStaghfirullah alazim"
4)Selawat 3X"Allhumma solii ala muhammad..."
5)Read Surah Ikhlas 1X "Qul hu wallahu ahad.."
6)REad surah insyirah 1X "alam nashyrah laka sodraq..."
7)Read surah Al'ala till 6 ayat "Sanuq ri u ka..." repeat 3X and put ur hand @ ur heart.
8)Now then u can start memorizing

Also the DON'ts..
1)Dont eat coriander leaves
2)Dont eat fish head
3)dont drink ANY drink that contains any dead ants
4)Dont read anything while u are at the cemetery. (if u need to read, read outside the cemetery vicinity..if u want to doa /read Quran as a gift to the loved ones, u can read at home..or read thru hafalan/by memory and not look @ the Quran in the cemetery..)

wallahu alam bisowab...

u can do it!!!

U can DO IT!

I am still pursuing this dream of mine to be Hafizah one day,insya-Allah. I've been to many places learning ways of HIFZ (memorizing the Holy Quran)and I found that this method is the BEST for me, a newbie dummy starting out...

Anyone can learn hifz or be Hafiz. But u need to have basic strong foundation in Tajwid (rules of reading the Holy Quran). And to get these is thru a GOOD teacher that can teach both theoretically and practically. Once that is achieved, u can start memorizing the simpler surahs from Juzuk 30 starting with An-Nas, Al-Falaq and Al-Ikhlas and so on. As u go further and further the surah will lengthen and it will be harder but tell yourself "it's EASY". Because once ur mentality think that it is HARD, then half of the battle is LOST. but if u keep telling yourself it's easy..insya-Allah, u can DO IT!

After juzuk 30, pursue 29,28 and till 25. After that, u can start from Juzuk 1 (the long surah) By then, u already had a good practise and has train your mind well thus will be able to memorize easily.

The main thing is that while memorizing the new, the old surah MUST not be forgotten. And thus a GOOD teacher, friend or anyone that has GREAT knowledge in HIFZ/Quran can be ur HELPING hand, a buddy to your QUEST. It is said a lost memory is like a camel who was tied securely and when it escape, u will have great difficulty chaining/chasing the animal down.

Sometimes,boredom sets in. That is a fact. Mind gets lazy and refuse to memorize anything, then take a break for awhile ,limit the hours of repetition or pamper yourself once in a while. dont force yourself, so HARD that eventually, u turn away from this beautiful QUEST and wave the white FLAG.

Remember only the CHOSEN ones are given this opportunity. If u have the niat then CONGRATULATIONS, u are given the invitation to be one of the important people in the world and hereafter! The bearer of Al-Quran.

Whatever it is, Don't GIVE up! Everyone can memorize , just open your heart and give ur BEST SHOT!Practise, practise and practise is IMPORTANT! My duas is for u,me and the others who are together in this QUEST!

TIP:If u cannot memorize a certain sentence/ayat or u are starting out, read that particular sentence at least 40 times. If it's too long,break it into smaller parts.

Islam: Top 5 Qaris In The World: Quran

Top 5 Qaris in the world. The best of the best when it comes to reciting the Quran Al-Kareem.

[ but of course people have their own preferences and their own mind and choice...]

giving up...???

felt like giving up...

if u feel like giving up, read this to motivate urself...

Grandma memorised at the age of 82;1st August1996

Whole Quran memorised at the age of 82
An Interview with Umm Saalih,A Grandmother Who Completed Memorizing the Qur'aan at Eighty-Two Years Old

Al-Hamdulillaah (All-Praise is due to Allah), the One Who said (what means): "And in truth We have made the Qur'aan easy to remember; but is there any that remembers?" Surah 54: 32

Many all over the world memorize the Qur'aan, and it is not strange to see the youth memorizing the Noble Qur'aan and an early age. Al-Hamdulillaah, the One who made the Qur'aan easy for remembrance, had made it easy for Umm Saalih age 82. In an interview with Umm Saalih,she was asked the following questions:

Q1: "What was the reason that drove you to memorize the Qur'aan after so many years?"

She said, "I always hoped to memorize the Qur'aan from the time I was young. My father always used to invoke Allaah for me to become one of the memorizers of the Qur'aan, like himself and like the elder brothers of my family who memorized it. So I memorized in the beginning about three parts and then after I completed the age of thirteen, I got married and became busy with the household and the children. After I had seven children, my husband died. They (the children) were all young so I took the time to raise them and educate them, and then after they grew up and got married, I had more time for myself. Therefore, the first thing I directed myself to focus upon was the Qur'aan.

Q2: "Tell us about your journey with the Noble Qur'aan."

She said, "My younger daughter was going to high school and she was the closest of my children to me and the most beloved, because she stayed with me after her older sisters got married and got busy with their lives, and because she was a quiet girl,upright, loving, and good. In addition, she was interested in learning the Noble Qur'aan, and her teachers encouraged her.

Furthermore, she was very enthusiastic and always told me of many women who were driven by this great motivation to memorize the Qur'aan, and this is where I started."

Q3: "Tell me about your way of memorization."

She said, "We assigned ten verses (meaning her and her daughter who was going to high school). So each day after Asr, we used to sit together. She reads and I repeat after her three times. Then she explains the meaning to me, and after a while, she repeats that three times. On the next morning, she repeats them to me before she goes to school.

She recorded also the recitations of Ash Shaykh al Husary, Rahimuhullaah, repeating each verse three times and thus I continued to listen most of the time. Therefore, the next day we would go to the next ten verses if my memorization was good.Otherwise, we would postpone taking additional verses until the day after. Moreover, we assigned the day of Friday to review the memorizations of the entire week. And this was the journey from the beginning."

Then she said, "Over four years and a half, I memorized twelve juz" according to the way I described to you. Then this young daughter got married. When her husband knew of our task concerning the memorization, he rented a house close to me, close to my house, so that he could allow the continuation of the memorization. In addition, he, May Allah reward him used to encourage us and sometimes sit with us listening, explaining and teaching.

Then after three years of her marriage, my daughter got busy with the children and the household and our schedule was interrupted, but that did not make her give up. To the contrary, she sensed that my eagerness for the memorization was still established so she looked for a special good teacher to continue the journey under her supervision. So, I completed the memorization by the success of Allaah and my daughter is still working to finish the memorization of the Glorious Qur'aan. She has a little left, In Shaa Allaah Ta'aala.

Q4: "This motivation of yours, did it have an effect on other women around you?"

She said, "It really had a good strong effect. My daughters and stepdaughters were all encouraged and worked on learning and teaching the Qur'aan to their children and learning it themselves.

Q5: "After finishing the Noble Qur'aan, don't you think about working on memorizing hadith?"

She said, "Now I have memorized ninety hadith and In Shaa Allaah I will continue the journey. I depend,in my memorization, upon the tapes and upon the Qur'aan radio station. At the end of each week, my daughter comes and checks for me the memorization of three hadith, and I am trying now to memorize more.

Q6: "Over this period of memorization of the Qur'aan, did your life change? Was it affected in one way or another?"

She said, "Yes, I went through a major change and I tried always, all praise is due to Allaah, to obey Allaah before I started the memorization. However, after I started the task of memorization, I began to feel a self-comfort, a great self-comfort and all worries began to move away from me. I even reached the stage of freeing myself from all these excessive worries concerning fearing for the children and their affairs, and my morale was boosted.

I had a noble objective to work for and this is a great Ni'mah (Favor) from Allaah . upon me, since we know that some women, when they get old and they do not have a husband, and their children got married, may be destroyed by the empty time, thoughts, worries, and so forth. But, AlHamdulillaah, I didn't go through this and I made myself busy with a great task and a great objective.

Q7: "Didn't you think at one point, to join one of the circles focusing on teaching the Noble Qur'aan?"

The answer was, "Yes, some of the women suggested this to me, but I am a woman who got used to staying at home, and I don't like to go out everyday, and Al Hamdulillaah, my daughter sufficed me from all difficulty and I was so happy while I was learning from her. My daughter had set an example in goodness and righteousness which we rarely find in our days.

She started this task and journey with me while she was an adolescent and this is a critical age many people complain of. She used to pressure herself so that she could have spare time to teach me, and she used to teach me with kindness and wisdom. Her husband was a good help to her and he exerted a lot of effort. I ask Allaah . to give them success and to bring their children up on uprightness."

Q8: "What do you say to a woman of your age who wishes to learn and memorize the Qur'aan yet she is worried about it and feeling unable to?"

She said, "I say to her there their shall be no despair with the firm, sincere and truthful determination. Begin with sincerity, firm determination and dependence on Allaah at each time. And remember that at this age you should have the time for yourself. However, do not use your time to only go out or to sleep and so forth. Rather, busy yourself with righteous work.

Q9: "Now what would you say to a woman who is still young? What would you advise her?"

She, may Allaah preserve her, said: "Preserve Allaah and He will preserve you. Make use of the favor of Allaah bestowed upon you from health and ways and means of comfort. Use that to memorize the Book of Allaah. This is the light which enlivens your heart, your life and your grave after you die.

And if you have a mother then exert the effort to teach her, and there is no better favor upon a mother than one of her righteous children aiding her to be close to Allaah."

Source: Ad-Da'wah Magazine, no.1552, 1st August1996

Quranic software online!

Free Quranic software online!

this is very good for memorising The Holy Quran....

Hope it helps those future HUFFAz out there!

Found some great links...

A collection of free online islamic books and others - http://kalamullah.com/hearts.html
Also have lectures - http://kalamullah.com/lectures.html


Motivational tools from [http://butahuruf.blogspot.com/2008/05/motivational-tools.html]

I often heard that Human beings only use 1% of their brains... (What happens to the rest?!!!)

I started to read many types of motivational books. [I borrowed from libraries and also bought a few such as Lahirnya seorang jutawan, the birth of a millionaire by Azizi Ali.]

U must be wondering why has millionaire and hifz got in common. Actually this book builds up my goals as I goes by. Because it illustrates that anyone can be Millionaires if u want to. And there was a time where I said and listen a nearby mosque Azan and somehow the particular sentences "Haiya Alas Solah, Haiya Alal falah...Let us pray and let us go towards excellence.

Somehow deep down some thing clicked. We were asked to achieve excellence in everything and that includes work. And I believed that Huffaz are the ones that are Millionaires. Because they memorized a book that contains so much information of anything and everything that cannot be found even in encyclopedia.

Thus I believed that they have inside info to be millionaires. But once the memorized the Holy Quran, I believed they are "Millionaires of info" not money but information...wide vast of information that are useful.

Anyway, I read this book to build up the confidence , the motivations and goals that are slowly slipping away since I embark in homemaker. I used to be a dynamic work person often multitasking and able to work well under pressure and active thus when I chose to nurse and take care of my kids full-time, part of me is gone. That career-mindedness is gone. MY future looked bleak. I was only motivated to mould my kids to be a success, future hufffaz and others but none for myself. I began to feel inferior and often, turn down my working friends invitation to meet-up for fear that I felt so lowly and thus no similar interest or whatsoever.

After reading a few books such as DARE, fight your fear ...I began to feel that there is a fire inside me , growing , motivating me to memorize again...start from scratch (Actually I stop for awhile because I felt that I'm not good enough, because I felt that I don't deserve to memorize the Holy Quran but then...not many will be "INVITED" to memorize the Holy Quran.So I should be thankful.Alhamdulillah.) I've tried convincing a fair deal of people to memorize the Holy Quran be it the beginners or those who are good in reciting. But not a single one willing to carry that responsibility (my circle only). I've told them that anyone (even though u are not good Al-Quran reciters)can be Huffaz. Just need a great determination and good niat. The rest will be open to you slowly.

Once u take the plunge , the doors will open wide for u.

SO get a huffaz to teach you and get ijazah till khatam Al-Quran.I believe any Muslim can do it irregardless of age. (What I wrote is to motivate myself too). Its never too late...seriously, trust me. I am doing it...so why can't u.

I have my ups and downs but I wont GIVE up, insya-Allah, I doa...

Quran Miracles Encyclopedia

The Quran Miracles Encyclopedia...

Check it out!

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The world is reverting to Islam


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Professor Keith Moore, one of the world’s prominent scientists of anatomy and embryology. University of Toronto, Canada It has been a great pleasure for me to help clarify statements in the Qur’aan about human development. It is clear to me that these statements must have come to Muhammad from God, or 'Allah', because almost all of this knowledge was not discovered until many centuries later. This proves to me that Muhammad must have been a messenger of Allah.

Dr. T.V.N. Persaud is a Professor of Anatomy and Head of the Department of Anatomy, and a professor of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is the author or editor of 25 books, and has published over 181 scientific papers. In 1991, he received the most distinguished award presented in the field of anatomy in Canada. "It seems to me that Muhammad was a very ordinary man. He could not read or write. In fact, he was illiterate. We are talking about 1400 years ago. You have someone who was illiterate making profound pronouncement and statements and are amazingly accurate about scientific nature. I personally cannot see how this could be mere chance. There are too many accuracy’s and, like Dr. Moore, I have no difficulty in my mind in concerning that this is a divine inspiration or revelation which led him to these statements."

Islam is the religion of Science and that is why renowned scientists embrace Islam . Most of the scientific facts that are discovered in this age are found in The Holy Quran and Hadiths , this is to strengthen the belief in God in the hearts of Moslems and to take non-Moslems to the true path of God . One might wonder why the slaves and the poor choose Islam in the time of Prophet Mohummed despite the torture they received at the hands of their master …what is in Islam that attracted them ?!!! what made the early Moslem leave their homes and property and fled to Medina where prophet Mohummed lived ?!!

And now what is in Islam that attracts not only the poor but also the highly qualified scientists ?!! In their comment you can find the truth.....

more professional scientists in



The 20th century witnessed enormous scientific progress, and a lot of matters that were secrets for hundreds of years from the scientific point of view have finally been revealed. As science progresses it clearly reveals one fact: The Truth of Creation. All scientific discoveries show the design, order and planning in every living and non-living thing in the universe. Many Western scientists who have witnessed these discoveries for themselves have seen that the entire universe is the product of a superior intelligence, and have accepted the Truth of Creation by understanding that Allah created everything. Today, several important academies and organizations have been set up in Western countries, and particularly the United States, by scientists who believe in God. At the same time, these scientific bodies are continuing their work to demonstrate that the scientific evidence shows that there is a flawless design in the universe. Many well-known scientists have abandoned Darwinism, to which they had been attached as if to a religion, and have instead turned to God. In university lectures, the books they write, the studies they prepare and on discussion panels, they continue to present the fact of creation. These are just some of the thousands of believing scientists who are alive in our own time and known for their scientific research:

Professor Keith Moore of Toronto University, Canada, who is among the best-known scientists in the world in the field of anatomy and embryology.
Professor William W. Hay

Professor William W. Hay, one of America's famous oceanologists.

Professor Robert Matthews, one of Oxford University's physicists.

Professor of Chemistry Jonathan D. Sarfati of Wellington Victoria University.

Professor Alfred Kroner, one of the world's best-known geologists.

T. V. N. Persaud, president of the Faculty of Anatomy at Manitoba University, Canada, professor of anatomy, and professor of child health and paediatrics.

Professor Werner Gitt, director of the German Federal Physics Institute.

Professor Donald Chittick of Oregon State University.

Professor Jonathan Wells of Berkeley University, an expert in cells and molecules.

Professor of Gynaecology Joe Leigh Simpson of Chicago Northwest Univesity, America.

Former president of Thailand's Shiang Mai University's Faculty of Anatomy and Embryology and current dean of the Faculty of medicine, Professor Tagata Tagasone.

Princeton University's Professor of Mathematics David Berlinsky.

Professor of Physics Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker of Germany's Max-Planck-Gesellschaft University.

Professor of Biology Michael J. Behe
Dr. Allen Sandage, the best-known astronomer today.

Harvard University's Professor of Astronomy and History of Science Owen Gingerich.

Professor of law Philip Johnson of Chicago University.

Professor of Biology Michael J. Behe of Pennsylvania Lehigh University.

Professor Andro Cinovayivi, one of the best-known physiologists in the world.

The famous American astrophysicist Professor Hugh Ross of Toronto University.

Assistant Professor of Embryology Gerald C. Goeringer of America's Washington Georgetown University's Medical Faculty.

surah al balad

Terjemahan AL-QURAN
Dengan Menyebut Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang
# Aku benar-benar bersumpah dengan kota ini (Mekah), (QS. 90:1)
# dan kamu (Muhammad) bertempat di kota Mekah ini, (QS. 90:2)
# dan demi bapak dan anaknya. (QS. 90:3)
# Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan manusia berada dalam susah payah. (QS. 90:4)
# Apakah manusia itu menyangka bahwa sekali-kali tiada seorangpun yang berkuasa atasnya? (QS. 90:5)
# Dia mengatakan: "Aku telah menghabiskan harta yang banyak" (QS. 90:6)
# Apakah dia menyangka bahwa tiada seorangpun yang melihatnya? (QS. 90:7)
# Bukankah Kami telah memberikan kepadanya dua buah mata, (QS. 90:8)
# lidah dan dua buah bibir. (QS. 90:9)
# Dan Kami telah menunjukkan kepadanya dua jalan 1579. (QS. 90:10)
# Tetapi dia tiada menempuh jalan yang mendaki lagi sukar. (QS. 90:11)
# Tahukah kamu apakah jalan yang mendaki lagi sukar itu? (QS. 90:12)
# (yaitu) melepaskan budak dari perbudakan, (QS. 90:13)
# atau memberi makan pada hari kelaparan, (QS. 90:14)
# (kepada) anak yatim yang memberi kerabat, (QS. 90:15)
# atau orang miskin yang sangat fakir. (QS. 90:16)
# Dan dia (tidak pula) termasuk orang-orang yang beriman dan saling berpesan untuk bersabar dan saling berpesan untuk berkasih sayang. (QS. 90:17)
# Mereka (orang-orang yang beriman dan saling berpesan itu) adalah golongan kanan. (QS. 90:18)
# Dan orang-orang yang kafir kepada ayat-ayat Kami, mereka itu adalah golongan kiri. (QS. 90:19)
# Mereka berada dalam neraka yang tertutup rapat (QS. 90:20)

Surah Al Balad (The City) Recited by Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasy

Ayatul Kursi

Mishary Rashid Afasy-Ayatul Kursi

The Greatest Verse revealed was Ayat al-Kursi,
"Allah! La ilaha illah Huwa Al Hayyul Qayyum"

The Messenger of Allah ( salAllahu alayhi anhu) said: "Whoever recites Ayat Al-Kursi immediately after each prescribed prayer, there will be nothing standing between him and his entering paradise except death."

Saad al Ghamdi

surah al balad

Asalaamul Alaiakum Surah Al Balad (The City) Recited by Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasy. (masha'Allah)
Asalaamul Alaiakum
Surah Al Balad (The City) Recited by Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasy. (masha'Allah)
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