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There are 3 types of Tanween.


This lesson is about FATHATAIN

Fathatain symbol appears as two fatha symbols over a letter.

Fathatain sign consists of two components
(1) Fathah that produces 'A' sound
(2) Second Fathah is an unwritten letter Nun saakin, that produces 'N' sound.

Thus will produce 'AN' sound.
It is important for all students of tajweed to find a Qur'an teacher who has studied Tajweed to listen to their recitation and make corrections.

Tajweed cannot merely be learnt from books and audio, because the movements of the mouth as well as the sounds are important and only a teacher can correct you and make sure you are applying the rules correctly.

Sometimes local Mosques will run classes or classes can be found on the internet.

Allah (Subhana Wata Allah) revealed the Quran with tajweed, and it has reached us in exactly the same way. Every Muslim man and woman should learn to recite the glorious Quran with tajweed.


As-salaam alaykum, Dear brothers and sister,Alhamdulillaahi, what an extraordinary set of beneficial videos, It's so pleasing to witness the unity and coherent methodology employed by the Muslim masses who view these vidoes, I'd like to express my gratitude firstly to Allah The Benevolent, then to the one or ones, behind such a noble and virtous act, Allahu-akbar, this is so much appreciated, may Allah reward you for your concerted efforts. Aameen Ya Rabul-aalameen.

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