Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Zikir Munajat

Zikir Munajat - part 01/06

zikir munajat oleh ustaz Badrul Amin.

Zikir Munajat - part 02/06

Zikir Munajat - part 03/06

Zikir Munajat - part 04/06

Zikir Munajat - part 05/06

Zikir Munajat - part 06/06


oh God... I don't deserve to Thy Heaven
Yet I can't stand to Thy Hell either
Please, forgive my sins, accept my repentance
Only Thou, The Forgiving for great sins
My sins are as the sands in the beach
With Thy mercy, please forgive me... oh my God
oh my God... please save us
From all kinds of evils and woe
We fear, we hope unto Thee
Please enrich our love unto Thee
We, the slaves whose hopes are in Thy pity

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