Saturday, 19 December 2009

Surah 100: Al 'Adiyaat

Surah Adiyat with English translation.

The surah begins with the imagery of raiders on horseback, who come to take what is not theirs rightfully. The Qur'an gives a picture of greedy men that would be quite familiar to the Arab peoples of his day: that of the invading army in search of money. It can be understood even now that such a hoard is an ideal example of worldliness and shirk - in Islam, the great sins against God. The image is of people who are willing to hurt their fellow man over objects and lust.

The Qur'an continues, that mankind is evidence against himself of these sins. On the Last Day, "when that which is in the tombs is overthrown and that which is in the breasts in brought out," people will be judged accordingly by what their hearts intended in life. The Qur'an concludes this sura with the reminder that as men are fully aware of what they are doing and why, God is even more aware.

Surah Adiyat - Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy


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