Sunday, 14 November 2010

Ways to Paradise - Imam Siraj Wahhaj

for every 1000 people , take 999 to the Hell Fire.

Ways to Paradise - Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Siraj Wahaj, Imam of Masjid Taqwa in New York is well known among Muslims in North America as a dynamic speaker and tireless supporter of Islamic causes. Imam Siraj Wahhaj, currently the Imam of Masjid Al-Taqwa in Brookyn, New York, accepted Islam in 1969. He received Imam training at Ummul Qura University of Makkah in 1978 and has gone on to become a national and international speaker on Islam. Imam Wahhaj has appeared on several national television talk shows and interviews especially about his anti-drug campaigns. He received high praises from the media and NYPD for initiating anti-drug patrol in Brooklyn, New York in 1988. Imam Siraj Wahhaj is originally from New York.


message :


PAY ZAKAH ( zakat)

Remember ALLAH in ALL circumstances......

every moment.


because it is Allah mercy to give us jannah.

a Muflis is those who Allah takes all your good deeds and give to the person
whom you back biting.

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