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Why do I see so many young girls to convert to Islam?

Why do I see so many young girls to convert to Islam?



and a good answer.....

I don’t live in an Islamic country, and I go by the Quran, not the laws of an Islamic country I don’t live in.

Women are treated with respect and equality, according to the Quran. The laws of a country cannot define what it is the Quran when they differ from it.

There is no muslim guy behind me. There’s a cat, and she thinks that whatever I do is purrfectly fine with her.

Be like the cat, and worry not about others. Or read the Quran, and not yahoo answers. Both are better.

*** You are defining those in one country to those in another, as well as defining the religion as the people. I can’t speak on others behalf. I don’t know why they convert to or from any religion. I only know that I myself find all that I have been searching for in a religion within the Quran.

Have you not considered that your own perceptions of Islam are only one way to understand the religion? Try asking those people who converted why they converted. Some of their answers may surprise you. Regardless, I seriously doubt their own perceptions of Islam match yours.

*** So you ask the question in search of answers you don’t expect? I am answering your question honestly. Whatever trend there is going on, I am telling you that while some might lump me in with this trend, my experience is nothing like what you have made it out to be. I am a completely independent person, and I take freedom to a degree many people in many religions don’t agree with. I do not believe in oppression of anyone, based on gender or anything else, and I am telling you that the Quran does not go against this belief. I believe peace is always the better option when peace is an option, yet defense is understandable when it is not, and the Quran does not go againt this belief.

I can spend time stereotyping people who follow Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and even Atheism. The fact still remains that I am judging people who follow whatever beliefs they follow, and that while they may be capable of changing the perception of a religion, they do not own that religion.

If you want to stereotype the religion, that is your perogative. I am only saying that I reject being lumped in with those who agree with oppression of women, or those that follow a religion blindly, for their love of a man or anything else. I am also saying I truly doubt that a majority of others are converting for these reasons either.


Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim – In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Hello. It’s not just women who are converting to Islam. Men are converting as well. Yes, a lot of women convert to Islam. They come to Islam in many ways. Some are in relationships or are married to Muslims. Others have a Muslim roommate at college or admire a colleague at work. Ultimately, the person who interested them in Islam may stay or go, but the woman (or man) gets beyond that person and starts to learn about the religion on its own merits.

Islam appeals to me because it make sense. Of the three “monotheistic” religions, I find that Islam is not self-contradictory. I have always believed in God, so I was just looking for the proper framework. As a Jew, I would have to discount Jesus; as a Christian, I would have to worship him. Islam is the only religion that acknowledges that the previous revelations were true. God revealed the Torah to Moses and the Gospel to Jesus, and finally the Qur’an to Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them. The strict monotheism of the Qur’an makes more sense than the tribal “chosenness” of the Jews or the Original Sin / Crucifixion of the Christians. The Books that we have today that go by the names Torah and Gospel are not the books that were originally revealed to the prophets Moses and Jesus, so there is no way in this world to know how to live according to those teachings. In order to return to true monotheism, one must turn to Islam and the Holy Qur’an. THAT is why I chose Islam.

All the other stuff, the modesty, the covering of the hair, the dietary laws, not using interest, making pilgrimage, etc., all that is extra stuff that you learn as you go. You learn the sense and the wisdom behind not dressing in a manner that attracts strange men. You learn the wisdom of filling only 1/3 of your stomach with food and 1/3 with water and leaving a 1/3 empty. You learn the blessings of not engaging in interest, which is likened to engaging in forncication with your mother! Islam was revealed over 23 years so it is not necessary to live it 100$ % from day one, as long as you know the basics and are willing to learn over time. That’s why I love Islam and as a woman I would never want to live any other way.

Now, I have been Muslim 15 years and married for 10, so I was well into Islam before I met my husband. I know my rights as a Muslim woman and would never have married a “cultural” Muslim, which I define as an ignorant Muslim who may pray and fast but who knows little of his religion and lives according to the culture of his country. Because I chose Islam and I studied the details of the religion, no man can tell me something that is untrue and expect met to obey him. I have the power that, unfortunately, some Muslim women don’t have because they are not educated or they live in “Muslim” countries that don’t rule according to Islam.

You cannot look to the way women are treated in, say, Afghanistan or Egypt or Sudan and say that this is Islamic behavior. It is quite the opposite. Islam teaches that women are to be cherished, women have the right to work, to property, to education, to choosing their husband, and all that. It is a sad state of affairs that these countries have abandoned Islam for ignorance. This does not make me ashamed of my religion or defensive – it makes me proud of Islam and determined to teach Muslims and non-Muslims the truth.

It is important to get beyond the media hype and beyond the stereotypes to see the truth. The truth is simple. I am a Muslim because I BELIEVE that there is only One God, that Jesus was a prophet and a miracle and is the Messiah but he is not the son of God, and that there are standards by which we should live and there will be a Day of Judgment. I encourage you to read about Islam and learn. There are two really good books available in .pdf form online. Google “Islam in Focus” and “Towards Understanding Islam” and you can learn the fundamentals of the faith. I pray that it will open your eyes and heart so you no longer see Islam as something exotic or “other”. Islam is as close as your heart. Allah, God, is God over all of us, Muslim or non Muslim, whether we acknowlege Him or not.

Fi Aman Allah,

Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid


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