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tafsir surah al-kahfi - ciri2 golongan ulul albab

tafsir surah al-kahfi - ciri2 golongan ulul albab

oleh ustaz hasrizal abdul jamil - 2011-03-24

Rumusan Hari Pertama Seminar al-Kahf





interesting for me in future to look and read and hear....







This Surah comprises the following themes: discussion of Tawheed and Risalah, the perishing nature and detestability of the dunya, punishment and reward of the afterlife, condemnation of arrogance and disputation, falsification of shirk, and some stories indicative upon Tawheed, Risalah and resurrection, as future explanations of relationship between verses will make clear. The interconnectedness of these themes is quite clear in that they all contribute to the strengthening of faith. The previous Surah ending on and this current Surah beginning with hamd is sufficient for the relatedness of the two Surahs.

Risalah, the source thereof, and comforting its bearer PBUH – Verses 1-8

Prelude and the story of Ashab al-Kahf in brief – Verses 9-12

The Story of Ashab al-Kahf in detail – Verses 13-17

Rest of the story – Verses 18-21

Methodology in responding to controversial issues – Verses 22-26

Further Benefits – Ashab al-Kahf Story Related

Some Etiquettes of Propagation – Verses 27-31

Story with regards to degrading wealth and elevating actions – Verses 32-44

Perishing of the Dunya, Lasting of the ‘Uqbaa and Awesomeness of Judgment Day – Verses 45-49

Articles of Disbelief and Punishments for those that reject – Verses 50-59

Story of Musa and Khadir (part 1) – Verses 60-70

Story of Musa and Khadir (part 2) – Verses 71-82

Story of Dhul Qarnain – Verses 83-98

Perishing and Remaining, Reward and Punishment on the Day of Judgment – Verses 99-110

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