Thursday, 20 August 2009

Quran Dvd

Quran Dvd

Orientica, in partnership with Generalia Multimedia, are proud to present to you this first edition of the Holy Qur’an on DVD video.

This DVD enables to listen and follow simultaneously the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by the prominent Shaykh Al-Hudhaifi, from the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina. The verses that are being recited light up systematically in red to help you follow the recitation. Furthermore, you can simultaneously display the English and French translations of the verses as well as the phonetic transcription. The exceptional stereo sound and picture quality make this DVD an ideal tool to learn and contemplate the Holy Qur’an.

Thanks to the DVD’s interactive menus and fine editing, you can navigate easily between Surats (chapters) and different verses by simply using your remote control.


The whole Qur’an (30 hours of video) on one DVD only.
Highlighting of the verses during recitation.
Display of the simultaneous English translation.
High interactivity thanks to the remote control.
- Direct access to 114 surats
- Navigation between verses.
- Direct access by surats.

High quality sound and video
Three languages for the menu: French –Arabic- English
- Discovery of the most beautiful mosques and holy places of Islam.
- The 99 beautiful names of Allah.
- Historical perspective of the Qur’anic manuscripts throughout 14 centuries.
- The Azan (call for prayer).

This DVD allows you to listen and follow simultaneously the recitation of the Holy Qur'an by Shaykh Sudais and shraim. The phonetic transcription and highlighting of verses during the Qur'anic recitation make this DVD exceptional; as well as, the high quality sound makes it an ideal tool to learn and contemplate the Holy Qur'an.

Model - Format: DVD All zones - PAL
Editor: Orientica - Generalia Multimedia - Sana
Language: French - Arabic - English
ISBN: 3760090450068

The download is actually an image file so you can burn it directly to any blank DVD disk using Nero or similar burning software. However, to download the image file you will need torrent software; the best one to download is from www.bittorrent.com – to download the actual image file visit:


Quran Dvd

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