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Quran holds words of Allah. Quran is most read Book.

For Quran, we can not enumerate its characteristics but for the sake of benefitting people a few are given below:

1. QURAN is the right guidance or way or course or direction or manner or mode or conduct for the whole mankind [2:185]
2. QURAN is clear and manifest as far as the guidance is concerned [2:185]
3. QURAN makes a separation or distinction between truth and falsity [alfurqan] [2:185]
4. QURAN has no discrepancies or contradictions [4:82]
5. QURAN has no crookedness, deceit or deviation form rectitude [39:28]
6. There is nothing in QURAN that may cause any doubt, suspicion, evil opinion, disquiet, disturbance, or agitation of mind (10:37)
7. QURAN is the Divine Prescript, Appointment, Ordinance, or Judgment that is explained in detail making it clear, plain and manifest [tafseela alkitab] (10:37)
8. QURAN guides to the way or course or direction or manner or mode or conduct that is the most stable, even, straight, right and direct. [17:9]
9. QURAN puts forth examples of every manner or model [of conduct] so that people take admonition and be mindful [39:27]
10. The purpose of QURAN‘s revelation is not to cause hardship or distress of any sort [20:2]
11. QURAN is endowed with exhortations and admonitions that give eminence, nobility and honour to its followers [38:1]
12. QURAN is a decree or ordinance (Faraz) [28:85]
13. It is a book whose verses provide complete detail, of the clear and plain Arabic Proclamation, to people who have knowledge [41:3]
14. QURAN is from "rabbi alAAalameen" [10:37]
15. QURAN is from the One who is the Most Wise and the Most Knowledgeable [27:6]
16. QURAN is not such a thing as can be produced by someone other than Allah. If it were the case, it would have been something improper and devoid of good. [10:37]
17. Allah, Himself, is the Teacher of Quran [55:2] (who guided the mankind with His commands and guidance).
18. Allah has made the QURAN easy to understand, learn and remember [54:17, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40]
19. QURAN is a confirmation of the previous Divine Books [10:37]
20. QURAN gives the Glad Tidings to the Believers who work deeds of righteousness. [17:9]

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