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Islam, the way of life
Say: “Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are [all] for Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds.” (Al-An`m 6:162)


“It is reported from Hadrat Ibn Abbas(may Allah be pleased with him) that ‘When we were with Rasulullah (peace be upon him), Hazrat Ali(may Allah be pleased with him) came there and said: ‘May my parents be sacrificed over you! This Quran has escaped my heart. I do not find power in myself for the Quran’. So Rasulullah(peace be upon him) said to him: ‘O Abul Hasan! May I not show you such words as Allah may benefit you through them and benefit those also whom you teach these words and whatever you may learn may stick to your heart.‘ Hazrat Ali(may Allah be pleased with him) said: ‘Yes, O Rasulullah! r Please teach me.’ He(peace be upon him) said:
“When it is Friday night, if you can get up during the last one-third part of the night, for at that time angels are present and invocations are accepted, and my brother Prophet Yaqoob u had told his sons ‘I shall ask forgiveness for you from My Lord’, that is, he said that he would ask forgiveness for them when the night of Friday would come.’ And if you can’t, get up in the middle of the night and if this too is not possible, then get up in the first part of the night and say four rakahs of prayer: In the first rakah Surah Fatiha and Surah Yaseen, in the second rakah Surah Faitha and Surah Ha-Mim Ad-Dukhan, in the third rakah Surah Fatiha and Alif Lam Mim Tanzil as-Sajdah and in the fourth rakah Surah Fatiha and Tabarakallazhi fully. When you have completed the tashhahud, praise and laud Allah and send darud to me and send it well and send darud to all the Prophets; seek pardon for all the male and female believers and also for those brethren of yours who surpassed you in embracing the faith. Then at the end say:
اللّهم ارحمنى بترك المعاصى ابدا ما ابقيتنى وارحمنى
ان اتكلف ما لا يعنينى وارزقنى حسن النظر فيما يرضيك عنى
اللّهم بديع السموت والارض ذالجلال والاكرام والعزة التى لا ترام
اسئلك يا اللّه يا رحمن بجلالك ونور وجهك ان تلزم قلبى حفظ كتابك
كما علمتنى وارزقنى ان اتلوه على النحو الذى يرضيك عنى
اللّهم بديع السموت والارض ذالجلال والاكرام والعزة التى لا ترام
اسئلك يا اللّه يا رحمن بجلالك ونور وجهك ان تنور بكتابك بصرى
وان تطلق به لسانى وان تفرج به عن قلبى وان تشرح به صدرى
وان تغسل به بدنى فانه لا يعيننى على الحق عنيرك ولايؤتيه
الا انت ولا حول ولا قوة الا باللّه العلى العظيم
“Allahumar hamnee bitarkil ma’aasee abadammaa abqaytanee warahmnee an atakalafa maalaa ya’neenee warzuknee husnan nadharifee maa urdeeka ‘annee. Allahuma badeeus samaawaati wal ardi zal jalali wal ikraami wal ‘izatil latee laa turaamuasaluka yaa Allahu yaa Rahmaanu bi jalalika wa noori wajahika an tulzima qalbee hifza kitaabika kamaa ‘alamtanee warzukneean aqrahu alan nahwil lazee urdeeka ‘annee. Allahuma badeeus samaawati wal ardi zal jalali wal ikraami wal ‘izatil latee laa turaamu asaluka yaa Allahu yaa Rahmaanu bi jalalika wa noori wajhika an tunaw wira bikitabika basaree waan tutliq bihi lisanee wa an tufarrij bihi ’an qalbee wa an tashraha bihi sadree wa an tugsil bihi badaneefa innahu laa yu’enunee ‘alal aqua ghayruka wa laa yu’tihi illaaanta wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billahil ‘aliyil ‘azeem.
“O my Allah U! Show mercy unto me so that as long as You keep my alive I may give up sins and show mercy unto me so that I may not involve myself in works which may be of no use to me and bestow upon me the care of those things that may please You with me! O my Allah U, the Fashioner of the heavens and the earth. O Owner of Glory and Might and of Honor which nobody can even guess and imagine to acquire. I beg of You, O Allah U, O Beneficient One! In the name of Your glory and the light of Your countenance that even as you have given me the knowledge of Your sacred book, let it be the lot of my heart too to memorize it, and make its reading practicable for me that You may be pleased with me.
O Allah U! The Fashioner of the heavens and the earth, the Owner of Might and Glory and of Honor which one can’t even imagine! I beg of You, O Allah U the Beneficient One, in the name of Your greatness and Your lustrous countenance that You illumine my eyes with Your book and fissue it on my tongue and remove sorrow from my heart by its blessing and open my chest (for relief from anxiety) and wash all my body with it; because in a right thing none save You will help me nor will give it to me save You. Neither is there any power in me to do good nor the strength to save myself from evil except with the grace from Allah U, the Sublime, the Tremendous.”
“O Abul Hasan! Do like this on three Friday nights or five Friday nights or seven Friday nights. By Allah’s U order your invocations will be accepted. And by that Being Who has sent me with the truth! This invocation has never left any believer disappointed!”
“Hadrat Ibn Abbas(may Allah be pleased with him) says: ‘Then by Allah U only five or seven Fridays I passed when Hadrat Ali(may Allah be pleased with him) came to Rasulullah(peace be upon him) in a similar majlis and said: ‘O Rasulullah r formerly during the days that have passed I could commit to memory four or similar number of verses and even when I recited them I used to falter, while now I memorize forty or as many verses and feel as if Allah U has inscribed them before my eyes. And I used to hear hadith but when I repeated them a large portion was left out, and I hear the hadiths today and when you relate them I don’t miss a single word.’ To him Rasulullah(peace be upon him) said ‘O Abul Hasan! By the Lord of the Kabah! You’re a believer.” (Hayat-us-Sahabah, Volume III)
This dua is beneficial for adults who wish to memorize the Quran; with children there general disposition towards the Quran makes it easy for them.

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