Wednesday, 8 April 2009

u can do it!!!

U can DO IT!

I am still pursuing this dream of mine to be Hafizah one day,insya-Allah. I've been to many places learning ways of HIFZ (memorizing the Holy Quran)and I found that this method is the BEST for me, a newbie dummy starting out...

Anyone can learn hifz or be Hafiz. But u need to have basic strong foundation in Tajwid (rules of reading the Holy Quran). And to get these is thru a GOOD teacher that can teach both theoretically and practically. Once that is achieved, u can start memorizing the simpler surahs from Juzuk 30 starting with An-Nas, Al-Falaq and Al-Ikhlas and so on. As u go further and further the surah will lengthen and it will be harder but tell yourself "it's EASY". Because once ur mentality think that it is HARD, then half of the battle is LOST. but if u keep telling yourself it's easy..insya-Allah, u can DO IT!

After juzuk 30, pursue 29,28 and till 25. After that, u can start from Juzuk 1 (the long surah) By then, u already had a good practise and has train your mind well thus will be able to memorize easily.

The main thing is that while memorizing the new, the old surah MUST not be forgotten. And thus a GOOD teacher, friend or anyone that has GREAT knowledge in HIFZ/Quran can be ur HELPING hand, a buddy to your QUEST. It is said a lost memory is like a camel who was tied securely and when it escape, u will have great difficulty chaining/chasing the animal down.

Sometimes,boredom sets in. That is a fact. Mind gets lazy and refuse to memorize anything, then take a break for awhile ,limit the hours of repetition or pamper yourself once in a while. dont force yourself, so HARD that eventually, u turn away from this beautiful QUEST and wave the white FLAG.

Remember only the CHOSEN ones are given this opportunity. If u have the niat then CONGRATULATIONS, u are given the invitation to be one of the important people in the world and hereafter! The bearer of Al-Quran.

Whatever it is, Don't GIVE up! Everyone can memorize , just open your heart and give ur BEST SHOT!Practise, practise and practise is IMPORTANT! My duas is for u,me and the others who are together in this QUEST!

TIP:If u cannot memorize a certain sentence/ayat or u are starting out, read that particular sentence at least 40 times. If it's too long,break it into smaller parts.

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