Wednesday, 8 April 2009

memorize quran

Memorize is easy but to detain it in my hard disk is difficult but one cannot say the word difficult, must always say "EASY" insya-Allah it will be easy...

Yeah just another tip, read ayat Al-Baqarah 164 as a doa before starting to memorize and also there is a solat sunnat "taqwiyatul Hifz" whereby it is done every friday night preferably (after sleeping, in the wee hours of dawn e.g 3am) 2 rakaat X 2(total=4) whereby the surah to read are Yasin,Ad-dukhan, As-Sajdah, Al-Mulk.It's best done for 3 , 5 or 7 fridays. At the end of it, there is a doa, to get the doa, click here.. All these are steps to enhance ur memory in memorizing the Holy Quran. May God help us all...


.....some tips..
1) wake up before Subuh
2)Wudhu and solat any sunat prayers
3)Istighfar 3X "AStaghfirullah alazim"
4)Selawat 3X"Allhumma solii ala muhammad..."
5)Read Surah Ikhlas 1X "Qul hu wallahu ahad.."
6)REad surah insyirah 1X "alam nashyrah laka sodraq..."
7)Read surah Al'ala till 6 ayat "Sanuq ri u ka..." repeat 3X and put ur hand @ ur heart.
8)Now then u can start memorizing

Also the DON'ts..
1)Dont eat coriander leaves
2)Dont eat fish head
3)dont drink ANY drink that contains any dead ants
4)Dont read anything while u are at the cemetery. (if u need to read, read outside the cemetery vicinity..if u want to doa /read Quran as a gift to the loved ones, u can read at home..or read thru hafalan/by memory and not look @ the Quran in the cemetery..)

wallahu alam bisowab...

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