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i am interested to purchashe it.

what is it?

Digital Pocket Quran ( DPQ ) Advantages:

* Real Othmanic calligraphy with colored letters of Tajweed Quran licensed by Al-Azher Ash-Shareef.

* With the voice of Saa’d Al-Gamedi.

* Azan (call to prayer), and direction of Kiblah.

* Tafseer Aj-Jalalin (interpretation).

* Storing and repeating desired Ayahs for memorization.

* Meaning of Ayahs in English and time color-coded Transliteration.

Notice: Our E-shop provide to its valuable customers, a sound box for DPQ as an optimal choice, details are available below separately.

Weight: 0.69 Kg

price :

Price: $207.00

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